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  Tell us what you are looking for

  We search for the best venues

  You save up to 40% On bookings

  It’s a 100% Free Service

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  Tell us what you are looking for

  We search for the best venues

  You save up to 40%

  It’s a 100% Free Service

“Your attention to detail and care is second-to-none. Offering a bespoke personal service is so important to ensure our exact requirements are met. Thank you”

Plan International

“We have used Michelle’s venue finders for over 10 years and have always received an excellent service. They are efficient and professional at all times ensuring the highest of standards are maintained at each event”.

Landmark Group

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the trip for us, the customers had a great time and the organisation was excellent. I am sure we will see the benefits from this in the coming months”.

Mitsubishi Electric

Are you tired of scrolling through
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We are here to make you look good.

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We can save you up to 30% on your venue costs


Detailed knowledge of venues throughout the UK


Relationships with venues that help us get the best deals and prices for your ideal venue


We shield you from all the emails and phone calls about the event

On your side

Its good to know that someone is on your side


Having a point of contact if there is anything you need to know

We're working for you!

My name is Michelle and I have been finding venues for clients for the last 30 years. So I know exactly what its like to organise an event. 

That’s why I am here to help you find the perfect venue. Its why we have been helping Landmark find venues over the years and helping them save on all their bookings.

Using our buying power and relationships also means that we can save you money… as much as 40% on conferences, meeting and events.

If you have never used a venue finding service before then you will be amazed at what we can do for you… and the best bit is it’s a free service.

Not all venue finders are the same.

About Michelle Smith - venue finding expert

Venue finders get the best rates

We offer a complete venue finders service in the UK.

And best of all is the fact that this meeting, event and conference venue finding service is completely free to you!

Yep, our service is 100% free to you, our client. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Say to us ‘find me a venue!’ and we’ll do the rest.

So if you’re stuck searching for an event, meeting, conference or Christmas party for your company, please do get in touch.

We really can help.

Find out more about how to find a venue for your event

“We continue to enjoy a great working relationship with Michelle at Venue Finders for over 3 years. The service from start to finish has been exemplary on a professional, knowledgeable, yet extremely friendly level exceeds all other venue

NHS London

“We have worked with Michelle on conferences with up to 200 delegates. They have always been hugely arrentive, helpful and efficient throughout our annual conference cycle.”


“I would recommend Venue Finder Pro to any company arranging conferences, seminars, corporate hospitality or parties, the service and client care is excellent.”

Wessex Water

"Thank you for all your help with this event. You have made my life so much easier"

Here’s a step-by-step rundown of what venue finders do

Get in touch with our friendly venue finders team. We’re only a phone call or email away, and if we’re not available we’ll get right back to you as soon as we can.

Give us a general idea of what you’re looking for. Things to think about include the location, the number of people, the budget and the kind of meeting, conference or corporate event space you’ll need.

If you have somewhere specific in mind, give us a shout anyway as we may well be able to negotiate a special rate on your behalf. 

We’ll contact suitable venues on your behalf, and as soon as they get back to us we’ll be in touch to discuss your options further. With no obligation whatsoever.

Once you’ve seen all the options – and perhaps even paid the venue a visit with us to suss it out further – you can decide on the right venue for your event. 

The venue will be booked on your behalf and we’ll take care of the related paperwork. 

The hotel or conference centre will pay us a commission for introducing you to them.

The last point explains how we manage to offer completely free venue finding in London and across the UK. We will always act in your best interests, as it’s best for us if you use our services again in future! 

What is a venue finder?

They are an expert in sourcing venues for conferences, meetings and events. This is different from many venue finding websites, which may simply be a directory. Experienced venue and hotel finders will know what each venue has to offer, and can often shortlist suitable venues for you as soon as they’ve received a brief. 

They charge no fee for this service. Instead, they are paid a commission by the venue for bringing them the client. They will always act in their client’s best interests, as repeat business, word-of-mouth and reputation is everything to them.

what is a venue finder
why use a venue finder

Why use a venue finders service?

It can save a lot of time, as an experienced professional event, conference and meeting space finder may well immediately know which venues will suit the budget, the client and the location. They can also communicate with these venues on your behalf, saving even more time. 

In short, a good meeting finder will want to keep their clients happy, and in turn it also makes good business sense for the hotel or venue to keep the meeting finder happy.

Why use us?

Michelle Smith is an event professional with over 25 years’ experience under her belt. And that’s just in venue finding. Before that, she worked in other roles, including stints as General Manager for hotels and even as an AA inspector. 

Our aim is to make our clients smile – and to keep them coming back for more. We always strive to offer a service that strikes the perfect balance between professional and informal, and never fail to put our clients’ needs first. 

Our service is FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your venue finders service be free?

Like all venue finding agencies and travel agents, we are paid a commission by the venue the event is held at.

Will this make it more expensive?

No, we book a lot of events every year and with our huge buying power we can always get the best deal for our clients.

What are the advantages of using you?

I think the main benefit of using us is peace of mind. Remember we are working for you, from finding the perfect venue to negotiating the best prices and added extras. We are here to make our client’s events as stress-free as possible.

Can I still be involved in the booking process?

Yes you can be involved as much or as little as you like. Remember we are working for you.

What happens if I need to see the venue?

Just let us know what venues you would like to visit and we can make arrangements for you.

I have an urgent request can you help?

Yes, we work on my last-minute requests from clients. For urgent bookings it’s normally best if you phone and let us know your requirements and we can start working on it immediately. 

Are you ready to find the perfect venue?