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When I think back to where it all started as a venue finder, I reflect on all the challenges and triumphs that the business has offered up to me.

About Michelle Smith - venue finding expert

In December 1996 following a serious accident which left me in plaster for 12 months and then 2 years of ‘recovery’ to build muscle and walk properly, I couldn’t really move much and it was then after working in hotels for the previous 5 years throughout all departments and as an AA inspector, that I had to consider other alternative options. 

I loved working in hotels, meeting people, providing service and solving problems, what could I do that would fulfil those needs?  At that time Venue Finding was a little known service and one that was viewed sceptically.  How can you offer a service free and why if the venue pays you for it are you not biased about which ones you offer? 

As I’ve chanted my mantra of ‘all venues pay commission so I’m not biased about which ones I offer’ and ‘venues use us as a support to their sales and marketing departments to bring customers to them’, for more than 25 years I’ve built an incredible family of friends and colleagues on the journey and proud to say some colleagues have been so inspired they have left to launch their own successful venue finding businesses as well and it’s a joy to meet with them at events to catch up on latest gossip and what’s new in the world of ever changing venue environments.

Understanding clients requirements, finding the right venues and supporting them and the venues to deliver a successful event is what makes us tick.  If it’s a boardoom meeting for 5 for a day in a sleepy and cosy country house hidden away or a massive international conference for 2000 delegates for a week in central London or Vancouver, we’ve done it and every shape and size in between.

That’s why when you’ve been tasked with finding a venue, its not just about a room, its about how the venue makes you feel, what are you and your delegates going to get from the experience, whats important to you for the event, that’s when you call me.  It is a free service and the industry has now and then played with different ideas about how else to market the business to customers but after all this time, I doubt it needs to be anything else.

So sit back, relax and lets chat about what you need.

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