Not all venue finding agencies are the same!

Have been asked to book the next meeting, conference or company team building day?

Wouldn’t it be great to send one email and have a presentation of amazing venues at unbelievable prices.

Not all venue finding agencies are the same!

Have been asked to book the next meeting, conference or company team building day?

Wouldn’t it be great to send one email and have a presentation of amazing venues at unbelievable prices.

We find you the best venue

We negotiate the very best price

You enjoy the event

My name is Michelle and I have been finding venues for clients for the last 30 years. So I know exactly what its like to organise an event. 

That’s why I am here to help you find the perfect venue. Its why we have been helping Landmark find venues over the years and helping them save on all their bookings.

Using our buying power and relationships also means that we can save you money… as much as 40% on conferences, meeting and events.

If you have never used a venue finding service before then you will be amazed at what we can do for you… and the best bit is it’s a free service.

Not all venue finders are the same.

About Michelle Smith - venue finding expert

“An absolute pleasure to work with! Michelle really listened to the requirements of our event, shared her experience and ideas and made the whole process so easy.

The venue visits she arranged were seamless and really made a difference to the decision-making. Communication is very clear and I always felt like I was her only client (absolutely not the case!).

Very professional and so personable. Will definitely be back in touch for the next event. Thank you so much.”


we have helped through the years

Are you wondering what venue finding agencies do? Don’t worry. You’re far from alone if you’re not in the know about what a venue finding service actually does. 

Whether it’s the parents of our kids’ school friends, someone we get talking to at the gym or a new neighbour, many people have the same puzzled look on their face when we tell them what we actually do.

Here at Venue Finder Pro we’re all about just what it says on the tin (or rather, the website). We are a venue finding agency, and will willingly track down the perfect venue for your event. 

Whether that’s a small-scale meeting or a conference for the entire company or something in-between!

Experienced venue finding agents

Our knowledge is based on many decades of experience in venues, hotel and event management and even our director’s stint as an AA inspector. 

Whether you want an English country house to charm the socks off your American colleagues or a city bolthole with a futuristic, cutting-edge design, we can find the perfect venue for your event.

Venue finding services for conferences, events and meetings

No event is too big or too small, and we doubt there’s a problem we haven’t seen and dealt with before. (Though every day is a school day, of course, and we never stop learning new things.) 

Why shortlist venues for your next event when we can take away all that legwork?

The benefits of using a venue finding agency​

So why use a venue finding agency at all? Here are some of the key benefits.

A free service 
There’s no cost to you at all. As the venue pays us a commission for sending your business their way, you will never pay a penny for our venue finding service

Save up to 30% 
Not only is our service free, but we can actually save you money. That’s right. Using our bargaining power and professional negotiation skills, we often secure very generous discounts for our treasured clients!

We know venues inside out 
Having decades of experience under our belts means we really do know all the best venues inside out. (As well as the ones to avoid.) Regular site visits mean we try the rooms and food and meet the staff before you do. Trying out five star hotels is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it

We don’t mess about
The moment we know what you’re looking for, we’re on it. In fact it all starts even sooner than that, as we’ll be shortlisting the perfect venues in our minds even as we speak to you or read your latest email. We know exactly who to call and what to ask, saving everyone lots of valuable time

We are impartial
Though venues pay us a commission, there’s no way we’ll suggest that you use a venue you’re not 100% happy with. We want to send you to the very best venue that fits your brief perfectly, so you’ll come back and use our service again. And perhaps even tell your friends about us too

We work everywhere
Whether it’s a conference venue in London for hundreds of delegates, a seminar in Scotland or a deal-breaking meeting in the Cotswolds, we can find the right venue. And that’s before we even begin to mention our overseas venue partners. Whether you fancy a boutique hotel in Sydney or a Swiss venue with mountain views, we can find your happy place

We know the newest venues
Soft openings and official launches – our diary, frankly, is fit to burst with them. If a new hotspot’s opening, then trust us. We know about it. More than that – we’ve been there, seen the whole building and got the t-shirt (or whatever lovely goodies they’re dishing out to keep us sweet)

We go beyond hotels
Though many venues are of course hotels, there are way more options than that. Have you thought, for example, about taking your team to a purpose-built conference centre? Or using an iconic city centre building that’s steeped in history? Perhaps you’d prefer a country house complete with a cookery school and a programme of outdoor pursuits. Whatever it is, we can source it on your behalf!

We take ownership
You won’t be passed from pillar to post when dealing with us. Pinkie promise. Once we have your brief, we will be making all the right calls and won’t stop until we’ve found you the perfect venue. If there is a problem, we’re very experienced in smoothing those over, too

We get to know what you want
Ideas about what makes the ideal venue can differ greatly. So we’ll talk to you about what makes you, your boss or your company tick. How else could we possibly find you a place that’s completely perfect in every way?

We’re venue finding specialists
Rather than doing general event management, we’re not jacks of all trades and masters of none. We focus solely on finding the very best venues for conferences, meetings and corporate events. Not covering the likes of weddings and parties means we devote all our time to finding business venues. Thus clocking up far more hours in that field than those who cover it all

We do business
Whether it’s a formal reception, a training course, a product launch, a team-building exercise, a gala dinner, a networking event, a small-scale seminar or a full-scale residential conference, we’re experts in the needs of those who need to book venues for business purposes

We’re a family-run company
And we care. Without our clients there is no business, it’s as simple as that. Speak to us and we’ll treat you as a valued customer from the very outset

We can save you SO much time
Why waste time shortlisting venues when we can take the stress out of it? From making a hit list of possible places to contacting them for a full quote, we can do it all. Leaving you to get on with other tasks – or even to take some well-deserved time off

“We can save you an average 40% on venue bookings!”

what you get when you use a venue finding agency

What you get when you use a venue finding agency


No more worrying about the next conference


We always get you the best rates


You now have time to concentrate or your other jobs

How it all works

In case you’re still wondering about the nuts and bolts of it all, here’s how we can find you just the right venue. Step by step from start to finish.

Get in touch

Whether you prefer to chat to a real, live person in the UK or send us an email when you have a spare moment, we’d love to talk venues with you. 

Just give us some idea of what the event is, where you’d like to hold it, the budget and for how many, and we can get straight off the starting blocks.

contact us for all your venue finding needs
we make a short list of venues for you

We make a shortlist​

Due to our experience, this stage often takes us very little time at all – but if it does, then that’s okay too. We love finding awesome new venues!

We contact venues ​

The next step is getting in touch with our expert contacts at venues we know – or building relationships with exciting new ones. 

Why bother with all the ringing around or emailing when we can do that on your behalf?

we contact venues we have found
suggested venues we have found

We suggest venues​

Once we know who’s offering what, we’re in a position to give you some food for thought.

 Should none of them float your boat, it’s no problem at all: we’ll simply revert back to stage 2.

You make a shortlist ​

Your turn next. Which places interest you? 

Would you like us to conduct site visits? 

Whatever you’d like to happen next, we can get the wheels in motion

your short listed venues
we negotiate a price after finding the venue

We negotiate a price​

Once you’ve decided on your shortlist, we can get down to business by securing you an exclusive discount. On average we save our clients 40% and can often include added extras.

We book the venue ​

Only when you’re 100% happy, we’ll go ahead and book the venue on your say-so. 

We’re always there. Once you’ve booked the venue, the chances are that you’ll be in the safe and capable hands of someone who knows that place even better than we do!

 Should an issue crop up, though, we’re only ever an email or phone call away.

we book the venue for you
Michelle - venue finding expert

We’re always there​

Once you’ve booked the venue, the chances are that you’ll be in the safe and capable hands of someone who knows that place even better than we do!

Should an issue crop up, though, we’re only ever an email or phone call away.


Michelle from Venue finder pro

Are you ready to find the perfect venue?