Conference Venues in London | A 3 Step Guide to Choosing

As a professional venue finder for London with decades of experience under our belts, this guide will help you navigate the world of conference and meeting rooms in central London. Outlined is where to start when seeking conference rooms in London – from compact meeting rooms near Kings Cross station to large conference venues in London. Also covered is how professional help could save you both time and cash.

As you might imagine, there are lots of conference venues in London. The options are incredibly wide-ranging, and cover much more than merely hotels and conference centres. Whether you need meeting room hire in London for a small tête-à-tête, or need conference venue hire in London for a large annual get-together, where do you start?

To provide inspiration, we’ve also handpicked some meeting venues in London to give you an idea about what’s possible. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly where to begin when it comes to conference room hire in London. Let’s get started. 

A simple 3 step guide to choosing conference venues in London

  1. Decide if London is the ideal location

The first step involves thinking about why you’re seeking a meeting space in London in the first place. Is your company HQ and thus most of the employees based there? Or are you going for London because of the unparalleled transport links? 

Using conference venues in central London can be incredibly convenient. Plus there are so many to choose from. The downside might be the cost – you may be able to get more for your money elsewhere. It’s all a question of priorities. 

  1. Focus on what’s important

The next step in choosing a conference space in London is to zone in on what is key. Do you want the venue to be close to a tube station? What sort of numbers are you talking about – is it three people or 300?

Other matters to consider when picking a conference centre in London include whether you need catering and/or accommodation. The former is likely to be a must in some form – but are you thinking of a quick snack, a five course feast or a combination?

If people cannot reasonably be expected to get to the venue and back in a day, then you’re also going to need overnight accommodation. Where this is the case, would it be for one night, or several? 

What about the room set-up for the event, and any equipment hire you might need? These issues are all worth brainstorming before you begin shortlisting venues. 

  1. Call in the professionals

Once you know what could make or break your event, it’s time to start looking. The fastest shortcut to finding the perfect place is to call a professional London venue finder. This applies whether you want to find large or small meeting rooms in London, need training room hire in London, would love to discover some really cool meeting rooms in London or simply want to cut costs by opting for cheap meeting room hire in London. 

So what does a professional venue finder do? Well exactly as the name suggests. Their working life is devoted to sourcing all sorts of conference spaces and meeting rooms in London. And possibly elsewhere too. 

Due to their experience, professional venue finders know exactly which venues are worth considering once they receive your brief. They can thus save you so much time – throughout the process as well as at the outset. 

There’s no need to be worried about what this will cost you. Venue-finding services are offered on a free-of-charge basis. The venue finder makes money because the hotel or other venue providing the meeting room space in London will pay them a commission. 

Venue finders work for you – and it’s more than their business is worth to send you somewhere unsuitable just because they’d be paid a higher fee. Reputation is everything. Think about it – if they find you the right venue – saving you time in the process – then why wouldn’t you recommend their service to your friends and family?

So how can a venue finder save you cash? Because of their buying power. Venue finders are skilled and experienced negotiators, and for the same reasons outlined above want to get you the best rate they possibly can. 

Even if you already have a venue in mind, it’s always worth calling in the professionals!

Cool types of conference venues in London

  1. Sporting venues

If you want to rent a meeting room in London and are into sports, how about selecting a venue to match? 

Whether it’s cricket, football or the conference venue at Twickenham stadium, there are plenty of options when you want to host an event with a sporting theme. Try asking your venue finder for their recommendations. 

  1. Historic venues

Did you know that spaces like the Queen’s House in Greenwich or the Gladstone Library at One Whitehall Place can be rented as conference rooms in central London? Or perhaps you’d prefer to book a Great Hall at Central Hall Westminster or in Bloomsbury.

Again, a good professional venue finder should have some suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of. 

  1. Purpose-built venues

In contrast, there’s a lot to be said for purpose-built conference facilities in London. 

Whether it’s hotel meeting rooms in London that were created when the property was built or a brand-new conference centre, your venue finder can source the ideal place. These venues are perfect because they already have all the required infrastructure in place. 

  1. Unusual venues

If you want to make a statement, why not look out for some quirky meeting rooms in London? Unusual conference venues in London range from a multi-purpose space in Covent Garden or a former brewery to a place set up like a gallery or an old warehouse by the Thames.  

Unusual venues for your London conference

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