10 Best Corporate Party Ideas

If you want to find the best corporate party ideas for hosting an enjoyable and memorable event, then you’re in just the right place!

With decades of venue-finding experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all and taken mental notes about the sort of parties we’d love to host ourselves.

In our spare time, we’re also the kind of people that love to party!

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best corporate party ideas

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There are so many creative office party ideas – for Christmas and for all the other seasons of the year.

We’re sure this list of corporate event ideas will inspire you to go for something a little different this time round.

Whether that’s a fine dining experience, a carnival with street food or the theme of a specific era. 

10 of the top corporate party ideas

  1. Go-Karting

Best for competitive sorts

What could be more exhilarating than challenging your colleagues to a go-karting race? If you’re the kind of people who relish a little healthy competition, then this has to be one of the most suitable business party ideas. 

There are companies and venues all over the country offering these thrilling, racing experiences, whether you want to head for Canary Wharf, the south coast or Scotland. 

go-karting for a corporate party
  1. Rooftop terrace

Best for summer vibes

Hotels all over the land – especially in cities – have rooftop terraces offering sweeping views over the surrounding area. During summer, a sun-drenched roof terrace surely has to be the ideal location for a seasonal party. 

Use fresh, tropical colours and comfy seating to create the right ambience. Then all you need is good food and interesting drinks before letting the good times roll. The pick of the company party themes for summer!

rooftop corporate party
  1. Winter wonderland

Best for winter get-togethers

If your event will be in winter rather than summer, then one of the most suitable corporate celebration ideas has to be a winter wonderland theme. It’s clearly ideal for a Christmas or New year bash.

You could go for deep, jewel tones in the decor, and rich, spicy drinks. Or stick to an elegant white and silver theme with drinks based on artisan gin and frozen vodka plus lots of glitter, icicles and snowflakes. 

a winter wonderland corporate party

Photo by Anton Belitskiy

  1. Beer, gin or wine tasting

Best for alcohol drinkers

Though this one may not appeal to any non-drinkers among your co-workers, it’s guaranteed to be a hit with those who like to partake of a tipple or two. Again, there are venues all over the land offering alcohol tastings, whether it’s a distillery, a brewery or a winery. 

If you do have teetotallers among the guests, make sure you enquire about options for those avoiding alcohol. Many places now offer alcohol-free versions of their drinks, so this can be among those fun company event ideas for everyone. 

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  1. Fine dining

Best for serious foodies

If you want to avoid the inclusivity and transport implications of alcohol, then treating everyone to a fine dining experience may be among the more preferable company party activities. Where to go depends on the size of your group. 

You could book a lovely little local restaurant for a small number of guests. Or go for a large hotel which has the capacity to cater for hundreds. To make it memorable, think about including innovative food, panoramic views or more unusual cuisine from a certain part of a planet. 

  1. Points win prizes

Best for rewarding employees

If you’re concerned about attendance levels, then one of the top corporate party entertainment ideas has to revolve around prize giveaways. The prospect of getting their mitts on some good free stuff should entice everyone into coming along. 

Whether it’s a pub-style quiz or an awards ceremony kinda thing, there are so many options when it comes to prizes. From bottles of booze or foodie hampers to cool stationery or stylish framed prints, there’s plenty of scope without necessarily blowing the budget. You could even give away an extra day’s holiday without actually spending a penny!

  1. Cookery class

Best for a cook-off

Plenty of cookery schools based UK-wide can provide you with the perfect company party activities. You can focus on food from a certain part of the world, or choose a theme such as baking. 

This works best with small to medium sized groups, rather than many scores or even hundreds of people. You could also incorporate a cooking contest to bring out those competitive streaks. 

corporate party ideas - cooking class
  1. Children’s activities

Best for big kids

Whether it’s an after office party or held during a work day or weekend, the type of activities kids and teens love to engage in can also be ideal for adults. Especially those who need to let off some steam by competing or clowning around. 

Arcade games, bowling, crazy golf, laser quest and much more… The options here are more-or-less endless. 

  1. Carnival

Best for a party atmosphere

There’s no party on the planet better than a carnival – whether it’s held in Notting Hill, Rio, New Orleans, Mexico or Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This is all about going all-out and over-the-top. Costumes cannot be too elaborate in this case, though casual dress is also acceptable. 

The great thing about a carnival theme is that anything goes. Street food, live music, vast tents and anything that brings a party ambience goes. Hire some wandering entertainers to provide a welcome interlude among the crowd, whether that’s a balloon artist who’ll wow with their creations or a clever magician who’ll keep everyone guessing. 

a corporate carnival party

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