A Brief Team Building Events Guide

If your employees or colleagues look like they’re somewhat lacking in morale of late, then planning some team-building events could be just what everyone needs.

Team building activities and events can allow everyone to let off some steam while strengthening the bonds between both individuals and separate teams.

They can also give everyone something to talk about by the water cooler or during the next dull-as-ditchwater meeting.

A Brief Team Building Events Guide

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If you want to find some team building activities for work purposes, this brief guide will tell you all you need to know so you can kickstart your planning.

Beginning with exactly why team bonding exercises are such a darned good idea?

4 key benefits of team building events

  1. Communication

Any team building event is likely to involve communication. Whether that means chatting about what each person is doing, or collaborating to reach a common goal. As with many things in corporate and general life, practice makes perfect when it comes to communication skills. 

  1. Collaboration

Unless you’re a sole trader who works only alone, the chances are that you’re going to have to work together as a team at some point. In fact, even those who work solo often need to work together with a client or customer in order to get to where they want to be. So any team building events that focus on cooperating with one another surely have to be a very good thing. 

  1. Productivity

Investing in fun team building activities shows your employees or colleagues that you value them. Enough to fund an away day everyone will enjoy, while letting them have a well-earned day away from their workstations. And a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Particularly when their communication and collaboration skills have recently been invested in. 

  1. Leadership

If you run the sort of show where internal promotion is the way you want to go, then corporate away days are a great way to see who may have leadership potential – without any commitment. Watching from the sidelines means you can spot any natural leaders as they come to the fore. 

6 key steps in team building event planning

  1. Budget

How much can the company afford to spend on team building activities for the adults of the workforce? Set a realistic price per head – and add a little on top to allow for contingencies too. Don’t forget to factor in costs such as equipment, travel or even overnight stays. 

  1. Goals

What is it that you really want to achieve? Or do you simply want to reward your workforce for their commitment, enthusiasm and a job well done? Would you like to look out for natural leaders, increase productivity or improve collaboration and communication? How could the chosen team building exercises help you reach that goal?

  1. Guest list

So who’s invited? Is this for all employees – company wide – or just certain individuals or teams? Does the venue you have in mind have a limited capacity? Is it likely that everyone you want to attend will do so? Is a certain number ideal for the activity you have in mind?

  1. Time

Holding the event at a time that suits everyone will help to ensure a good turn-out. It will also reinforce the message that you care about accommodating all staff. Make sure you avoid any overly busy times of the year – such as the end of the tax year or the most hectic sales period. 

  1. Place

Where the event is held can also be key. Can everyone get there, in good time, before the team building games begin? Is there enough parking, and/or are there good public transport links? Can the company help to ensure everyone can reach the venue – including people such as disabled employees or non-drivers?

  1. Activities

What sort of activities will your team building event day involve? How do these tie in with your budget, goals and guest list? Can a suitable time and place be booked, which offers the sort of activities you want to include? Does everything tie in together nicely?

6 top team building event ideas

team building ideas - cooking


  1. Cooking

Channel the Great British Bake-Off by hosting a cookery contest, or book everyone into chef school for a class led by experts.

These are very popular corporate team-building activities, and hotels all over the country offer instruction.

Book into cookery school as soon as you can, before places sell out for your preferred dates.

  1. Escape Room

A trip to an Escape Room is one of the most popular team-building games going. You can take everyone along to a local venue if there is one that’s suitable, or alternatively let the experts come to you.

Companies such as Escape Game Events, Lock and Key Escape or Escape Rooms For You can bring the Escape Room experience to any place you like. 

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go karts for a team building exercise
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  1. Go-Karts

If there’s any Mario Kart fans in your workplace, then maybe you need to think about racing go-karts! It’s one of the most fun outdoor team building activities of all. Just make sure safety is a priority before letting that competitive spirit shine through. 

  1. Day tripping

Taking everyone on a trip to discover a new place or venue can make such a refreshing change from office life. Exploring together is the ideal way to make shared memories. 

This one has the added bonus of making employees feel like they’re on holiday. Even if it’s only for a day. From coach trips to e-bike, tuktuk or Segway tours, there’s something out there in your local area that everyone can enjoy. 

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  1. Camping – or glamping

If the time and finds will stretch to an overnight stay, then taking everyone camping can be a sure-fire way to ensure everyone bonds. Camping is more achievable in terms of cost, while glamping has the wow factor. 

Think s’mores around the fire pit, walks in the fresh air and perhaps some silly team games. Make sure you think about catering and a contingency plan for wet weather when planning this one, though. 

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  1. Laser Tag

A good old game of laser tag can be great fun for everyone. It’s great for team building, and the thrill of chasing and being hunted down can really get the adrenaline flowing for that feel-good factor. 

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