How do I find event venues near me?

If you want to search using the term ‘event venues near me’, then Google (or another search engine) is going to give you a mixed bag of results. There are venues all over the country. Each may also specialise in a certain type of event. Why not use an expert venue finding agency to help with your search?

how to find an event venue

This can make your search more complicated than it needs to be. What makes it even more complex is the fact that there are many sub-categories that can come into play. This article is here to help make your search much simpler, however, so there’s no reason to stress!

Finding the best event venues near you involves just a few simple steps – and this guide will outline them. So you can save time, stay in control of what you want and find awesome events venues in your local area. 

This is how to find event venues – the easy way. Here’s the three-step process to event success!

Finding event venues in 3 simple steps

set your search terms to find a venue
  1. Set your search terms

The first step involves focusing on what you really want. Do you want to find a party, corporate or wedding venues near you? Let’s say, for example, that you’re searching for ‘wedding venues near me’. It seems simple enough. 

But how many wedding venues in your area are going to come up? Hundreds, if not thousands. If you’re not more specific, you may find yourself spending hours sifting through all the options. 

In this case, better search terms to use will be more specific. For example, ‘barn wedding venues near me’, ‘cheap wedding venues near me’ or ‘outdoor wedding venues near me’. 

The same applies to other types of search. Instead of ‘party venues near me”, use ‘party hall near me’, ‘birthday party places near me’ or even ‘banquet halls near me’ (if that’s what you want). 

The more specific you can be, the more likely the search engine is to come up with the goods. 

  1. Use specialist sites

Instead of looking for ‘small wedding venues near me’ (for instance) on Google, try a specialist website. 

For example, if you want to find a wedding venue, you could use the wedding venue directory at Hitched. You can also find venues via sites like Rock My Wedding, or use the Coco Wedding Venues wedding venue finder.

If your search for ‘event spaces near me’ is for a corporate event rather than a party, wedding or other social occasion, then you could (and maybe should) use a professional venue finder. So if that leaves you wondering what a venue finder is, what they do and how much do they cost, read on to find out more. 

They say the best things in life are free. Well that’s certainly not true when it comes to weddings and other occasions like Christmas or birthday parties! However when it’s a venue for a conference, meeting or corporate event you want, then it may surprise you to learn that a venue finder’s services are completely free to you, the client. 

  1. Call a corporate venue finder

A specialist venue finding site can be helpful – but a professional venue-finder is even better. Because you can leave the arduous task of sourcing a venue to them. All you need to do is give them the necessary details – such as the type of event, the sort of space you want, how many people it’s for, the dates you can consider and the location – and they can find you the perfect venue. 

Do note, here that this step only applies to meeting, conference and corporate event venues. This type of venue finder cannot come up with the goods for a party or wedding. That’s not what they do best. 

A professional venue finder focuses on conference venues and other corporate event spaces. The reason being that sourcing this kind of venue can be a real headache for those tasked with organising such events. 

When you contact professional venue finders, they will need a brief from you. If you don’t know what they need to know, then ask them to tell you exactly what they need. What they will need, from the start, is some idea of the budget. 

Once they know where and when the event should take place, how many people will attend it, and what sort of event you’re talking about, they can set to work on finding you the ideal venue. Remember, this costs you nothing. The venue finder is paid a percentage by the hotel or other venue you use. 

This sort of venue finder will typically have years or even decades of experience in matching business clients to the venues they know inside out. 

Finding an event venue FAQs

How do I find the right event venue?

To find the right event venue, you firstly need to think about the type of event. You can then determine factors like the location, the number of guests, accessibility, the style and whether or not the venue can supply what you need. Setting a budget at the outset is also a wise idea. 

How much is event planning in the UK?

Event planning can be a costly business. An event planner will spend many hours working on your brief to ensure your event is a success. Which takes matters out of your hands – but also means they’ll need to be paid for all that time. 

Some planners charge a percentage, such as 10% to 15% of the event budget. Alternatively, they may set a flat fee. This could be in the thousands. 

For corporate events, meetings and conferences, a free alternative is to use a professional venue finder. They work for you for free. It’s that venue that pays them commission, not the client. 

Finding an event venue | Final thoughts

If you need to find a venue for an event, then narrowing down what you want is the first step. Be as specific as you can to make shortlisting easier. 

Once you’re sure of what you want to find, use the right search terms or sites to source the best venues. If it’s a corporate venue you need, though, you can skip this second step entirely. 

Just get in touch with a free venue finding service to discover what they can do for you! Without their advice costing you a single penny. 

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