10 Best Team Building Exercises for your Event

the best team building exercises

If you’re organising a business event and would like to inject some fun into things, then have you considered slotting some team-building exercises into the schedule? Or you could try using a venue finder, their job is to find you the best venue for your event.

Team building activities are ideal ice-breakers, and can help to ensure that your event is a memorable one. 

In fact, taking part in challenges together can be a great way to create strong bonds between individual team members too. So without further ado, here’s our list of XX team-building activities for adults!

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Top 10 Team Building Exercises for Corporate Events

write a random fact for team building
  1. Random fact

This is a good ice-breaking exercise to start off the day. It works equally well whether people know one another or not too. 

Get every person to share the most random fact about themselves that they can think of. This could be, for example, an encounter with a famous person, a remote place they once visited or an unusual personal trait (nothing too personal, though, please – no one probably wants to know about their webbed toes or third nipple). 

Whether it’s where you met your spouse, your most embarrassing moment or a unique hobby or skill, even close colleagues might well learn something new about one another!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This one’s a classic, and a great way to get everyone moving again after long periods of sitting still. Divide the delegates into teams, and task each team leader with writing a list of objects for participants to find. 

You could offer a small prize for the team that finds the items fastest or locates more than any other group. This team bonding activity can sharpen communication, critical thinking and leadership skills. 

  1. The Circle of Trust

As Robert de Niro does in Meet the Parents, embrace a Circle of Trust. First, you need around 10 or a dozen people to form a tight-knit circle. Next comes the trust part.

One person should stand in the centre of the circle, then close their eyes. They should then fall, trusting that the circle will catch them and prevent them from falling. You can continue by ‘bouncing’ the person around the circle, or let someone else have a turn. 

For fewer people, you can use the trust fall. Two or three people can make a ‘wall’ before letting the person standing in front of them fall into it. 

  1. Balance the ball

For this one you’ll need a football, plus a circle of fabric like a tablecloth. Get everyone to stand in a circle, holding the edges of the cloth. Team members can then roll the ball around the circle, either in a regular motion or at will.

The aim is for the ball not to fall off the edges. Just look out, as everyone’s moves are bound to get bolder with practice! This one requires more focus, precision and concentration than you might think. 

It’s also a good team building activity, as people will have to work together to prevent a ball that was rolled by someone else from falling off. 

building a bridge in teams
  1. Build a Bridge

Ask attendees  who’ve been split into teams to build a bridge. What it’s made from is down to your imagination. You could provide non-messy food stuffs like spaghetti and marshmallows, give them craft supplies like card, tape, lolly sticks, glue and pipecleaners, or even dish out toy building materials like Lego or wooden blocks. 

Give them a time limit, so they must work together to build a bridge before the specified time. This can be from any point to another, but you might also like to specify a minimum length too. Or whether or not the bridge is strong enough to hold an uncooked egg without breaking it, for example!

Try a twist on this theme if you like. You could ask them to build an iconic structure, or the tallest tower instead. 

  1. Simon Says

A game many of us remember from childhood is Simon Says. ‘Simon’ should be the team leader, and then everyone should do just as Simon (or Sarah, or Steve, or Sienna) says. 

This is a great game for keeping everyone alert. Looking out for the leader to forget saying ‘Simon Says’ before each command can be good fun. They’re bound to forget at some point, in which case everyone should resolutely ignore them!

  1. Charades or Pictionary

They’re Christmas classics, yes, but there’s no reason why you can’t play Pictionary or Charades at a corporate event! Pick a word, a film or a book at random, then draw or act it out so that their team members must guess what they’re trying to spell out. 

Again, prizes could be awarded for the most correct guesses in a given timeframe. Or at the end of the day for the best team performance overall, including during other fun team building activities. 

a good team building event is a pub quiz
  1. Pub Quiz

Another classic adults’ game that lends itself well to business event team building is the pub quiz. As usual, teams can take part in answering questions on a wide range of topics. It’s sure to awaken that competitive spirit!

Try to include a balanced mix of questions, such as some that aren’t too taxing and others that will require some discussion between the team members. A range of topics will also keep things interesting, while giving people with varied interests more chance of success. 

  1. Escape Room 

Create your own Escape Room challenge, albeit on a smaller scale. Team members must work together to solve cryptic clues so they can escape the space or room they’ve been allocated. 

Again, try to make this challenging, without being impossible. You might also like to set a time limit, otherwise there’s a danger of this team building exercise taking over the entire event!

  1. Respect the Elders

If you employ the sort of people that like to lie about their age this one could be tricky. But otherwise, it’s all good fun!

The aim of the game is to get everyone lined up in age order. A lot of communication is required here. It can also teach people about the reality of making assumptions about others. It’s a great conversation starter too. 

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